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What is an Image Consultant?
An Image consultant is someone who helps you highlight all the greatest about who you are on the inside through your image, behavior, and communication. A Professional  Image Consultant can help you bring out the inner confidence, strengths, and core of who you are. 

What methods do you use when assessing a new clients image?
I first interview the client to find out their goal. I then send them a questionnaire with some of the same questions,  as often,  when you write down your ideas,  more come out and inspire you to learn about yourself. 

How are services priced?
Our services are designed and priced to fit your needs and budget. Personal Image Consultation is not just for celebrities. We offer customized packages specifically for you. 

What is the difference between an Image Consultant and a Personal Stylist?
An Image Consultant comes before  your wardrobe editing and personal shopping. Image consulting helps you define your style, body type, color and more. A Personal  Stylist will help you with the latest trends from the runways; however, this trend may not necessarily make you look your best. 

First Impressions Image Consultant wishes you a very happy closet full of confidence, positive thoughts, and joy.